A celebration of New Mexico Culture and Cuisine, we do simple food well at B2B2 Barrio Taps N Tacos! We serve gourmet tacos on Non-GMO Blue Corn Tortillas handmade from scratch and baked fresh in house every morning. With 13 kinds of tacos, there is something for everyone! Pair your tacos with a local craft brew or wine to satisfy your largest cravings! We are a modern taqueria in the heart of Uptown ABQ! Why go anywhere else?

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Happy Hour

Stop by our happy hour from 3pm - 6pm and enjoy our great specials on wine and craft beers.

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See our full menu! Chips n Salsa, Chicharones, and 13 Varities of Tacos with both meat and meatless options!

Free Music Saturday

Enjoy free jazz music in Uptown ABQ! Cold drinks, good food, and smooth jazz. Why go anywhere else?

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Sunday Funday

 Each week, we team up with local non-profits and host a fundraising event for them here at B2B2. At the end of the day, the organizations receive up to 20% of the day’s food sales.

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We are always happy to answer any questions you may have!

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